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  • Scanner and Barcodes

    Personalize the barcode scanner and generator included in Inventory Control.– Scanner: Enable/disable the barcode scanner sound. – Barcode Image generation: Choose between the different code types available:. Serial Number: type code 128 . Part Number: type code 128 . EAN/UPC: global type . SKU: If you enable the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code type, you […]

  • Advanced Settings

    The Advance Setting sections allow you to personalize your experience with Inventory Control:– iCloud Sync and Storage: Enable this feature to sync your inventory data to iCloud and share it among all your apple devices.– Photo Quality: Select the between Low (256p), Medium(512p) and High(1028p) quality for the snaps you add to your items.– Appearance: […]

  • Standard Settings

    This section has to do with the unit and currencies you use while managing your items.¬†– Currency: Select the currencies you want to work with from a list of the ISO4217¬†currencies or add new ones by tapping on the (Edit) button.– Unit of Measure: Choose the different units of measure you will use depending on […]

  • General Settings

    The General Settings menu allows you to prepare your inventory before you start using the app according to your needs. Here’s a list of the main configurations:-Storage Areas: Do you have more than one warehouse, branch or even locations within a single storage unit? No problem. You can add all your storage locations by tapping […]

  • Adding Item Lists

    Inventory Control uses lists to manage your inventory items. You can have one general list or many custom lists depending on your business needs. You can put your stock into lists like office supplies, personal items and sellable goods for example.-Add list: To create lists go to the general setup in the left menu, access […]